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Learning Doesn’t Stop

_DSC6596smallI came to watercolors–to making art of any kind, really–later than most. Before joining a beginner’s class at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, I had not had art training of any kind, and in fact had not held a paintbrush.

At first I thought I was the only one still learning new techniques, new perspectives, new ways of looking at a subject. But I have come to realize that everyone in the Wednesday Studio–even those who have made art for decades, have graduate degrees in art, have exhibited in galleries, have won awards–everyone learns. We learn from watching each other, from asking questions, from offering suggestions, from trying new things, from accepting challenges. “I’d like to see you complete that entire landscape without using purple.” “Here is a new brush technique that works great on clouds.” “I think a darker background will make the bird just pop.”

I know that preparing for the residency at the Iona Center will offer more learning experiences for all of us, and we are all excited to begin. Right now I’m thinking of painting markets from different parts of the world. But who knows, in 6 months I may look back on this post and say “What was I thinking?! I want to do abstract paintings of cats!” The learning doesn’t stop.

Marian Wiseman
Wednesday Studio Watercolorist

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