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Martha Pope’s Gallery

For more information about Martha, visit her profile on this blog.

Martha Pope Night and Day

Martha Pope: Night and Day. Pastel

Martha Pope Olive Grove 2013

Olive Grove, Virginia Bradley Work on Paper Award 2013

Martha Pope-Marsh View to Sea Island

Martha Pope: Marsh View to Sea Island. Pastel.

Martha Pope- Storm over the Marsh

Martha Pope: Storm over the Marsh. Pastel.

Martha Pope: Huh?

Martha Pope: Huh? Pastel.

Martha Pope- Clearing Skies

Martha Pope: Clearing Skies. Pastel.

Martha Pope- After the Rain

Martha Pope: After the Rain. Pastel.


Martha Pope: “Vermont Maples.” Pastel.

Martha pope Going to St. Ives

Going to St. Ives. Pastel by Martha Pope


Martha Pope: “North of Florence.” Pastel.

Martha Pope Sea Island Inlet

Martha Pope: Sea Island Inlet. Pastel.

Martha P

Marta Pope: Golden fields sketch, iPastel app on iPadl

Martha Pope 2015

Pastel by Martha Pope: Olive Grove

Martha Pope "Kitchen View" 2013

“Kitchen View”, pastel

Martha Pope--"Cissy's View 2012

“Cissy’s View”

Martha Pope Salt Marsh in Autumn

Martha Pope: “Salt Marsh in Autumn.” Pastel.

Martha- Sycamore Sentinels

Martha Pope: “Sycamore Sentinels.” Pastel.

Martha - Spring Bloom in Shenandoah

Martha Pope: Spring Bloom in Shenandoah, pastel.


Martha Pope

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