Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Marian Wiseman’s Gallery

For more information about Marian, visit her profile on this blog.

Marian 2014 Leaves from Ellen

Marian Wiseman: Leaves from Ellen.  Watercolor.

Marian sparrow

Marian Wiseman: House Sparrow. Watercolor.

Marian 2017 Ruby-throated hummingbird

Marian Wiseman: Ruby-Throated Hummingbird. Watercolor

Marian Great Horned Owl

Marian Wiseman: Great Horned Owl. Charcoal pencil.

Marian Market on Yangtze River

Marian Wiseman: Market on Yangtze River, China. Watercolor.

Marian 2015 Xian Market March 5

Marian Wiseman: Street Market in Xian, China. Watercolor.

Marian 2016 Bastille Market, Paris

Marian Wiseman: Bastille Market, Paris. Watercolor.

Marian 2016 Ornano Market, Paris

Marian Wiseman: Marche Ornano, Paris. Watercolor.

Marian 2016 Bruges Canal

Marian Wiseman: Canal in Bruges, Belgium. Watercolor

Marian Wiseman: Alaska Mushrooms

Marian Wiseman: Alaska Mushrooms. Watercolor. Maureen Yonis Award for Watercolor, Capitol Hill Arts Workshop Adult Student Show, 2013.

Marian 2016 Dude

Marian Wiseman: Dude the Cockatiel. Watercolor.

Marian 2016-brown-thrasher-sharpie-markers

Marian Wiseman: Brown Thrasher. Sharpie markers.

Marian Jackson's Widowbird

Marian Wiseman: Jackson’s Widowbird. Pencil.


Marian 2016 Robins

Marian Wiseman: Robins in Melting Snow. Watercolor.

Marian Wiseman Carolina chickadee

Marian Wiseman: Carolina Chickadee. Pencil.

Marian 2016 Texas Rooster

Marian Wiseman: Texas Rooster. Watercolor.

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