Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Marian Wiseman’s Gallery

For more information about Marian, visit her profile on this blog.

Marian 2014 Leaves from Ellen

Leaves from Ellen by Marian Wiseman. Watercolor.

Marian sparrow

Marian Wiseman: House Sparrow. Watercolor.

Marian 2017 Ruby-throated hummingbird

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird by Marian Wiseman. Watercolor

Marian Great Horned Owl

Marian Wiseman: Great Horned Owl. Charcoal pencil.

Marian Market on Yangtze River

Marian Wiseman: Market on Yangtze River, China. Watercolor

Marian 2015 Xian Market March 5

Street Market in Xian, China. Watercolor by Marian Wiseman.

Marian 2016 Bastille Market, Paris

Bastille Market, Paris. Watercolor by Marian Wiseman,

Marian 2016 Ornano Market, Paris

Marian Wiseman: Marche Ornano, Paris.

Marian 2016 Bruges Canal

Marian Wiseman: Canal in Bruges, Belgium. Watercolor

Marian Wiseman: Alaska Mushrooms

Marian Wiseman: Alaska Mushrooms. Maureen Yonis award, Capitol Hill Arts Workshop Student Show, 2013.

Marian 2016 Dude

Marian Wiseman: Dude the Cockatiel. Watercolor.

Marian 2016-brown-thrasher-sharpie-markers

Marian Wiseman: Brown Thrasher. Sharpie markers.

Marian Jackson's Widowbird

Jackson’s Widowbird by Marian Wiseman. Pencil.


Marian 2016 Robins

Marian Wiseman: Robins in Melting Snow. Watercolor.

Marian Wiseman Carolina chickadee

Marian Wiseman: Carolina Chickadee, pencil

Marian 2016 Texas Rooster

Marian Wiseman: Texas Rooster. Watercolor.

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