Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Anne Shields’s Gallery

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Anne Taos Reflection 2014

Anne Shields: Taos Reflection. Pastel. Honorable Mention, CHAW Adult Student Show, 2014. 

Anne Shields What 85 Looks Like in Puglia

Anne Shields: What 85 Looks Like in Puglia. Pastel.

Anne Shields Prickly Heat

Anne Shields: Prickly Heat. Pastel.

Anne Shields High on Prague 2015

Anne Shields: High on Prague. Pastel.

Anne Shields First Sign of Spring

Anne Shields: First Sign of Spring. Pastel.

Anne Dust Storm--West Texas 2011

Anne Shields: Dust Storm—West Texas. Pastel. Honorable Mention, CHAW Adult Student Show, 2011


Anne Shields Cotswold Cottage2015

Anne Shields: Cotswold Cottage. Pastel. Sold.


Anne Shields: The Borgo, Tuscany. Pastel. Sold.

Anne Shields 2015 Swan

Anne Shields: Odette/Odile. Pastel.

Anne Shields My Hiking Group

Anne Shields: My Hiking Group. Pastel.

Anne Shields Costa Rican Sunset

Anne Shields: Costa Rican Sunset. Pastel.

Anne Shields A Matter of Perspective

Anne Shields: A Matter of Perspective. Pastel.

Anne Shields Bears Ears National Monument

Anne Shields: Bears Ears National Monument. Pastel.

Anne Shields Every Girl Deserves a Pedicure

Anne Shields: Every Girl Deserves a Pedicure. Pastel.

Anne Shields Tree from Middle-Earth Pastel

Anne Shields: Tree from Middle-Earth. Pastel.


Anne Shields: Cissy’s Place. Pastel

Anne Shields: Eating Your Greens

Anne Shields: Sea Grapes in the Turks & Caicos. Pastel,

Anne sqyare

Anne Shields: Political Animals. Pastel.

Anne Shields Houseboats of the Kerala, India 2016

Anne Shields: Houseboats of the Kerala, India. Pastel

2013 Anne Shields

Anne Shields: St. Catherine’s Slovenia. Pastel.

Anne Shields Tuscan Gold Pastel

Anne Shields: Tuscan Gold. Pastel.

Anne Shields The Road Not Taken Pastel

Anne Shields: The Road Not Taken. Pastel.

Anne Shields Summertime Pastel Sold

Anne Shields: Summertime. Pastel. Sold.

Anne Shields Mt. Fitzroy, Patagonia, Watercolor Sold

Anne Shields: Mt. Fitzroy, Patagonia. Watercolor. Sold.

Anne Shields Lakeside Drive Pastel Private collection

Anne Shields: Lakeside Drive. Pastel. Private Collection.

Anne Shields Iceland Pastel Sold

Anne Shields: Iceland. Pastel. Sold.

Anne Shields Endless Summer Pastel

Anne Shields: Endless Summer. Pastel.

Anne Shields Bradley Pastel Sold

Anne Shields: Bradley. Pastel. Sold.

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