Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Ellen Cornett’s Gallery

For more art and information about Ellen, go to her website or to her profile on this blog.

Ellen Cornett As the Crow Flies

Pastel by Ellen Cornett: As the Crow Flies.

Ellen Cornett The Changeling

The Changeling. Pastel by Ellen Cornett.

Ellen Cornett Ringing in My Ears

Ellen Cornett: Ringing in My Ears.

Ellen Cornett Chicken Crossing the Road

Chicken Crossing the Road. Carbon Pencil by Ellen Cornett.

Ellen Cornett Raptor

Raptor by Ellen Cornett. Carbon pencil and charcoal.


Ellens ravens

An Unkindness of Ravens, by Ellen Cornett. Carbon pencil.

Ellen Cornett Domestic Chickens

Ellen Cornett: Domestic Chickens. Pastel.

Ellen Cornett Why There Is a Hare in the Moon

Ellen Cornett: Why There is a Hare in the Moon. Carbon pencil on circular gessoed wood panel, 10″ in diameter.


Teasing the Crocodile. Carbon pencil by Ellen Cornett


The Elephant in the Room. Carbon pencil by Ellen Cornett.


Ganesha. Carbon Pencil by Ellen Cornett.


Black Umbrella. Carbon Pencil by Ellen Cornett.


Lapful of Bunnies. Ellen Cornett.



Ellen Cornett: Awkward Moment on the Ark.

Ellen The Third Blind Mice. Another Sewing Project

Ellen Cornett: The Third Blind Mouse–Another Sewing Project. Carbon pencil.

Ellen The Second Blind Mouse

Ellen Cornett: The Second Blind Mouse. Carbon pencil.

Ellen The Fourth Pig

Ellen Cornett: The Fourth Pig. Carbon pencil.

Ellen Rabbit Ears

Ellen Cornett: Rabbit Ears. Carbon pencil.

Ellen Giraffe and Frog

Ellen Cornett: Giraffe and Frog. Carbon pencil.

Ellen#1Giving up the goat

Ellen Cornett. Charcoal pencil

Ellen#2 Bunny mobile

Ellen Cornett: “Bunny Mobile,” charcoal pencil

Ellen#3 A Leg Up

Ellen Cornett. “A Leg Up,” charcoal pencil

Ellen Birithday Party

Ellen Cornett. Birthday Party. Carbon pencil.

Ellen The Bear the Otter and the Chipmunks

Ellen Cornett: The Bear, the Otter, and the Chipmunks; carbon pencil

Ellen#6 The Three Bears

Ellen Cornett: The Three Bears, charcoal pencil

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