Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Wan Lee’s Gallery

For more art and information about Wan, go to his website or to his profile on this blog.

Wan Lee The Gathering

Wan Hoi Lee: The Gathering, Watercolor. Equal Merit Award, 2017 CHAW Adult Student Show.

Wan Lee Sanctuary

Wan Hoi Lee: Sanctuary. Watercolor.

Wan Lee Wonder in the Mist

Wan Hoi Lee: Wonder in the Mist. Watercolor.

Wan Supper Time 2013

Wan Hoi Lee: Supper Time.  Watercolor. Honorable Mention Award, 2013 CHAW Adult Student Show.

Wan Red, White and Blue 2014

Wan Hoi Lee: Red, White, and Blue. Watercolor.

Wan Lee

Wan Hoi Lee: The Angels. Watercolor.

Wan Lotus 2010

Wan Hoi Lee: Lotus. Watercolor.

Wan Hoi Lee: Garden Palette. Watercolor

Wan Hoi Lee: Garden Palette. Watercolor. First Place Award, Regional Metro DC Open Juried Exhibition.


Wan Hoi Lee: Big Sur in Bloom. Watercolor. Honorable Mention Award, 2016 CHAW Adult Student Show.

Wan Aspen Air  2014

Wan Hoi Lee: Aspen Air. Watercolor. First Place, 2014 CHAW Adult Student Show.

Wan Lee Tea Time 16X16

Wan Hoi Lee. Tea Time. Watercolor. Honorable Mention Award, 2012 CHAW Adult Student Show.

Wan Lee Evensong

Wan Hoi Lee: Evensong. Watercolor

Wan Lee Desert Sunset 2016

Wan Hoi Lee: Desert Sunset. Watercolor.

Wan Lee: My Malaysia

Wan Hoi Lee: My Malaysia. Watercolor.

Wan Lee Florida Finery

Wan Hoi Lee: Florida Finery. Watercolor.

Wan Lee--Egret 2012

Wan Hoi Lee: Sentinel. Watercolor.

Wan Lee--Leaves 2014

Wan Hoi Lee: Leaves. Watercolor.

2009 Wan Garden Variety

Wan Hoi Lee. Garden Variety. Maureen Yonis Award for Best Watercolor, 2009 CHAW Adult Student Show.

2011 Wan Fruit of the Vine

Wan Hoi Lee: Fruit of the Vine. Watercolor.  Honorable Mention Award, 2011 Fall Student Show at CHAW.

2012 Wan BeautifulSwimmer 15.5X11.5

Wan Hoi Lee: Beautiful Swimmer. Watercolor. Best In Show Award, 2012 Fall Student Show at CHAW.

2015 Wan Morning Prayer -Cyclamen

Wan Hoi Lee: Morning Prayer—Cyclamen. Watercolor. First Place, 2015 Capitol Hill Art League Juried Show.

2015 Wan

Wan Hoi Lee: Heading Home. Watercolor.

Wan Lee Provence

Wan Lee: Provence. Watercolor.


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