Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Fran Tomlinson’s Gallery

For more information about Fran, visit her profile on this blog.

Fran Tomlinson Refugee Pastel

Fran Tomlinson: Refugee. Pastel. Sold.

Fran Tomlinson Lawranne (Bergen, Norway)

Fran Tomlinson: Above Bergen. Pastel. Sold.

Fran Tomlinson Eye of the Chicken

Fran Tomlinson: Eye of the Chicken. Pastel. Sold.

Fran Tomlinson Final

 Fran Tomlinson: Joy at the Piano. Pastel.

Fran Tomlinson %22Bob on His 95th Birthday%22 2015

Fran Tomlinson: Bob on his 95th Birthday. Pastel. Third place award, CHAW Adult Student Art Show.

Fran Tomlinson

Fran Tomlinson: Allison’s Apples. Pastel. Sold.

Fran Tomlinson Willie T

Fran Tomlinson: Willie T. Pastel.

Fran Tomlinson

Fran Tomlinson: Tres Amigos. Pastel.

Fran Tomlinson

Fran Tomlinson: Frances in the Dell (Self-portrait). Pastel.

Fran Tomlinson Peach

Fran Tomlinson: Peach. Pastel.

Fran Tomlinson

Fran Tomlinson: Trumpty Dumpty, Pastel.

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