Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Fran Tomlinson

Jan 21 2015

Fran, 2015

For as long as I can remember I have liked to draw. According to my mother, one of the first things I did as a toddler was grab a pencil and draw a picture. But growing up in a very small town, there was little opportunity for formal training. One year, I did take lessons from a local artist, but, mostly, I was self-taught and self-taught poorly.

The art bug stayed with me, however, and I was even able to eke out enough credits for an art minor in college. The best course I had was Art History taught by Lee Hall, a well-known landscape abstract artist and academician who later served as president of the Rhode Island School of Design. From that course, I developed an appreciation and love of art that has stayed with me my entire life.

With a degree in sociology, I spent the Vietnam years working for the American Red Cross at military bases and on the USS Repose in Vietnam. Following that, I had a 35-year career in various financial management positions with Verizon Communications. My tendency to doodle and sketch during meetings got me into trouble more than once.

After retiring from Verizon and while working part time with a CPA, I took drawing courses at the Smithsonian and then from CHAW teaching artists Carolina Mayorga and Ellen Cornett. When I inquired about learning to draw with pastels, Ellen invited me to join the Wednesday Studio.

To me, drawing with pastels is like solving a puzzle. With all that I am learning in the Wednesday Studio from Ellen and my colleagues, I get to solve ever more intricate puzzles and grow as an artist each and every week.

Joy at the Piano. Pastel

Fran Tomlinson: Frances in the Dell. (Self-portrait). Pastel

Fran Tomlinson: Bob on his 95th Birthday. Pastel

Lawranne. (Bergen, Norway). Pastel

Eye of the Chicken. Pastel


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