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Tara Hamilton’s Gallery

For more art and information about Tara, go to her website or to her profile on this blog.


Beauties. Watercolor by Tara Hamilton.

Tara Hamilton Beautiful Clusters

Beautiful Clusters. Watercolor by Tara Hamilton.

Tara Hamilton 16th Street Bridge

Tara Hamilton: 16th Street Bridge. Watercolor.

Tara Hamilton Waiting First place CHAL

Waiting, by Tara Hamilton. First Place in CHAL show “Off the Hill,” November 2017. Watercolor

Tara Hamilton Threatening Skies

Tara Hamilton Azalea Tiime

Tara Hamilton: Azalea Time. Watercolor.

Tara Hamilton Into the Woods

Into the Woods, by Tara Hamilton. Watercolor.

Tara Hamilton Home

Tara Hamilton: Home. Watercolor.

Tara hamilton

Hill Homes, watercolor by Tara Hamilton.

Tara Hamilton Arboretum Tiime Watercolor

Tara Hamilton: Arboretum Time. Watercolor.

tara hamilton

Crossing the River, watercolor by Tara Hamilton.

Tara Hamilton--Creek Point

Tara Hamilton: Creek Point, watercolor.



Tara Hamilton: “Moving Water,” watercolor. “This is a painting of the Boulder River in Colorado. I was was staying in a unique little motel that was composed of a set of small log cabins. Very rustic and fun, but, unfortunately, a very unusual hot spell in June had the temps in the high 90s, and there was no air conditioning. But we were just steps from the river, which flowed from the mountains right through town. It was a cool place to sit and to watch the rapids.”


Watercolor by Tara Hamilton: “

Tara- %22Deer Lake View%22

Tara Hamilton: Deer Lake View, watercolor.


Tara Hamilton: “Park Time,” watercolor.

Mountain Summer by Tara Hamilton

Mountain Summer

Tara Hamilton 2013

Tara Hamilton . Wednesday Studio art

Country by Tara Hamilton

Tara Hamilton: “Country,” watercolor


Tara Hamilton: iPad

Watercolor by Tara Hamilton. “Seaside.” 2015

Watercolor by Tara Hamilton. “Seaside.” 2015

Tara Night and Day

Night and Day on the Political Front, by Tara Hamilton. Watercolor

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