Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Tara Hamilton


Tara, 2013

My family is full of artists—those who were trained, those who made their living in art, one who is successfully starting out in the field of photography – and then there’s me. My grandmother spent many hours at the dining room table drawing with me when I complained that I was bored. She wanted me to be an artist, but I took another path, actually many career paths, but all centered on public service and communicating.

I took classes on and off over the years for fun and tried different media. Then in 2002 I signed up for an evening class taught by Gina Clapp. It became my little oasis of calm and fun once a week. Watercolor intrigued me and eventually claimed me.

When I retired in 2012, one of the great benefits was having time to paint and to attend the Wednesday Studio taught by Ellen Cornett. The studio is a great place to create at your own pace and chosen medium with constant encouragement from the other artists.

I don’t think I will ever “master” watercolor. In fact, most every painting I do has an element of surprise, and that’s what makes it so interesting and challenging.


Grace Reflections, watercolor


Up in the Hills, watercolor


Budapest at Night, watercolor


Stone View, watercolor

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