Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Vince Iannacchione


Vince, 2015

Face Time. I used to draw faces when I worked in an injection molding factory during my college days. It took 60 seconds for a mold to make a plastic helmet. Each time the mold opened, I would extract the helmet; trim the flashing off the rim; cut the stem; and then add it to the stack. That left about ten seconds of ‘down time’ before the mold reopened and the cycle would begin anew. To fend off the boredom, I used the down time to draw faces. During those eight minutes per shift, I’d produce a face that I’d hang on my machine. Needless to say, the faces weren’t well received by management, but my fellow molders seemed to enjoy them. After college, there wasn’t much time for drawing what with the Air Force, children, and a career in research statistics. So, I’ve tried to make up for ‘lost time’ by taking short courses in life drawing, sculpting, abstract and encaustic art, and now, thanks to Ellen, pastel and watercolor.

Also Known As. Do labels given by others or ourselves affect who we really are? This question led to the word mass below that is an autobiography of sorts. Some of the labels are positive, others not so much. For example, Vinnie White is one of the labels that I use in my art. As a junior, I inherited my name from my father who was the leader of a pre-war dance band called the Vinnie White Orchestra. The White surname came from the White Sign Painting Company, which was owned and operated by Vinnie’s father Antonio. At first, I felt unworthy to sign my father’s stage name to my scribbles but then I realized that he might even be pleased.

Vince name graphic

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