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Artomatic 2015


I’m showing some recent work in Artomatic, and it is an exciting and energizing experience.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Artomatic is an unjuried, and uncensored exhibition that takes place every year or two. It is run by volunteers and showcases the work of hundreds of artists and performers. I think we participants all feel as though we’re doing something transgressive and slightly illegal. It’s a hoot.

This is the third time I have exhibited in Artomatic, and this time I am using it as a stage to try out some new material. My themes remain the same, but I am showing only charcoal drawings, including this one.

I have made many new friends at Artomatic. Volunteering has proven to be a wonderful way to meet other artists and expand my circle of colleagues—artists of all ages and backgrounds. I have talked with watercolorists, oil painters, and sculptors and feel a connection to this vast community of artists.

Artomatic 2015 is open through December 12 at 8100 Corporate Drive in Hyattsville, Maryland. Click here for hours and details.

Ellen Cornett
CHAW Teaching Artist

Blackbird Singing

Blackbird Sing

PS. In this East City Art article by Eric Hope about Artomatic, I was thrilled to find that my work “Blackbird” was chosen as one of the top ten works at Artomatic!

One comment on “Artomatic 2015

  1. frantomlinson
    November 28, 2015

    Very nice post. Interesting and looks great graphically. Love the charcoals.


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