Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Another Wednesday

Here are some photos I took in the studio on February 17.

Above, on the left, Vince Iannacchione is shown working on a portrait of his mother-in-law, using pastels, charcoal, and watercolors.  He was working on his fourth version of it. Yes, Vince is one of our most patient and painstaking Wednesday Studio members.


I didn’t get a photo of Kay Elsasser at work, but I did take a picture of the product (above). This watercolor painting initially included more of the hill in the foreground. Kay cropped it to change the composition and give it a different focus. We all agreed with her that the result improved it. I really like how she painted the rocks.


Anne Shields was working on the pastel shown above, in progress. I love these colors.

Anne is also collaborating with Lynne Mallonee Schlimm on a children’s book. Below, in the photo on the left, they are discussing the best way to portray a pig in a ballet tutu (spoiler alert; it’s a book with farm animals). On the right, Lynne is sketching more of the pages for the book.

Below, Martha Pope is shown working on a pastel, with Anne Shields in the background.


During the previous week, Wan Lee finished his watercolor painting “Garden Palette” (I showed the work in progress in the previous post, Artists at Work. He brought in the finished work for all of us to see. Amazement is about the best word to describe everyone’s reaction to it.

Fran Tomlinson was continuing her pastel “Joy at the Piano.” The two photos below show her progress on the work.



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