Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Making Art Every Day

I think I need to change the name of our summer challenge from sketch-a-day to make-art-every-day,  In other words, the challenge for the Wednesday Studio artists during this summer break is to work every day on art, whether that is a quick sketch or a finished piece.

Here are photos that artists in the studio have sent me to “prove” they are working . . . .

Eileen Leahy: "Terra Cotta Pots," pencil

Eileen Leahy: “Terra Cotta Pots,” pencil

Eileen#3 FalseIndigoWithSeedpods

Eileen Leahy: “False Indigo with Seedpods,” pencil


Eileen Leahy: "Leaf from a Climbing Hop," pencil

Eileen Leahy: “Leaf from a Climbing Hop,” pencil

Eileen Leahy: "Evening Primroses," pencil

Eileen Leahy: “Evening Primroses,” pencil

























Linda Norton: "Overgrown," watercolor

Linda Norton: “Overgrown,” watercolor

Ellen Cornett. "A Leg Up," charcoal pencil

Ellen Cornett. “A Leg Up,” charcoal pencil

Ellen Cornett: "Bunny Mobile," charcoal pencil

Ellen Cornett: “Bunny Mobile,” charcoal pencil

Anne Shields: "The Dog Line-up," pencil

Anne Shields: “The Dog Line-up,” pencil



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One comment on “Making Art Every Day

  1. Erin Elizabeth Karr
    June 10, 2016

    What a wonderful group that you are in Auntie – I always love reading The Wednesday Studio news ❤ ❤


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