Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Fun with Watercolor at a DC Gallery


Here are several of us displaying the greeting cards we created.

Several of us from the Wednesday Studio participated in a lunch-and-learn opportunity at Iona Senior Services this week. Watercolorist Valerie Watson is one of two artists currently in residence, and after lunch she led all attendees in painting our own watercolor greeting card cover.

After we finished our greeting cards, Valerie took us on a tour of her work currently on exhibit. We also saw numerous beautiful works of art by the other artist in residence, Norma Brooks, a folk artist who creates jewelry, baskets, and rugs. Norma will lead a lunch-and-learn program on June 21.


Valerie Brooks describes her approach in creating this watercolor.

Iona is a community center in Northwest DC that provides numerous services to help people age well. The art gallery at Iona sponsors a guest artist program that includes workshops such as the lunch-and-learn program this week. The artists of the Wednesday Studio will, as a group, be guest artists at the Iona gallery in 2017.

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