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Vacations–the perfect time to sketch

Eileen Leahy kept her sketch pad handy during a Spain vacation earlier this summer. Here are three of the sketches she did there:

Eileeen Our Courtyard Gateway Granada

Eileen Leahy: Our Courtyard Gateway, Granada. Pencil.

Eileen Baggage Cart Barcelona Airport

Eileen Leahy: Baggage Cart, Barcelona Airport. Pencil.

Kids Carry-On Barcelona Airport

Eileen Leahy: Kid’s Carry-On, Barcelona Airport, pencil

And Tara Hamilton made good use of her iPad on Key West:

Tara A Fowl Encounter

Tara Hamilton: A Fowl Encounter. iPad.

tara Sunset Key

Tara Hamilton: Sunset Key. iPad.

Tara Why does the Chicken Cross the Road

Tara Hamilton: Why Does the Chicken Cross the Road? iPad.


And finally, here’s what Anne Shields has been up to out on Cape Cod. In this pastel, still in progress, she has put together a group of dogs from individual photos of the pets belonging to members of her hiking group. To be honest, I think I’m more impressed with the hiking than the artwork. Anne tells me that “a few” of the places this group has tromped are New Zealand, Turkey, Morocco, Sicily, and the Cotswolds. Yeah.

Anne My Hiking Group

Anne Shields: My Hiking Group (in progress). Pastel.

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