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December Draw-a-Bird Day Submissions

The 8th of every month is DAB Day. Here are four  wonderful birds sent to the Wednesday Studio blog for the December 2016 Draw-a-Bird Day.

Anyone can send a bird, and it will be posted. January 8 is the next DAB Day. Send your bird to To be sure your bird is included, please send it by midnight on January 8.


Anne Shields. Untitled. Watercolor.


Tom Eichenberger: “Thoughtful Chick.” Colored pencil.


Eileen Leahy: “Young Sanderling.” Carbon pencil on paper.


Marian Wiseman: “Restaurant Bird with Biscuit Crumbs.” Crayons.

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4 comments on “December Draw-a-Bird Day Submissions

  1. Roger Johnson
    December 12, 2016

    Very nice, Marian. I see that Tom is thinking “outside of the shell” again.


  2. ellen3c
    December 12, 2016

    I love them all, but particularly Restaurant Bird with Bread Crumbs–Marian’s mixed media creation!


  3. Fran Tomlinson
    December 12, 2016

    This must have been Draw a Whimsy Bird Day


  4. eileenings
    December 13, 2016

    Marian, that’s true dedication to the DAB Day spirit – taking time from your restaurant meal to draw a bird on the table – and with crayons provided by the restaurant! (Or did you bring your own?). The crumb waiting for the bird to snap it up adds an extra, delightful dimension.


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