Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Three Wednesday Studio artists included in Hill Center exhibit

Works by Tara Hamilton, Linda Norton, and Vince Iannacchione were accepted in the juried show now hanging at the Hill Center galleries in Washington, DC. The exhibition will be up through February 26, 2017, at 921 Pennsylvania Avenue SE.

Here are the works by Tara, Linda, and Vince, with comments by each of them:


“Moving Water,” watercolor by Tara Hamilton. “This is a painting of the Boulder River in Colorado. I was was staying in a unique little motel that was composed of a set of small log cabins. Very rustic and fun, but, unfortunately, a very unusual hot spell in June had the temps in the high 90s, and there was no air conditioning. But we were just steps from the river, which flowed from the mountains right through town. It was a cool place to sit and to watch the rapids.”

LindaN#2 Overgrown

“Overgrown,” watercolor by Linda Norton. Regarding this work and the one below, Linda says, “These two pieces signal a slight shift in my art. I am intentionally trying to work looser and more nonrepresentationally. My plan is to continue with the theme of ‘over . . . .’ In these days of ‘over-everything’ there should be no lack of material.”


“Overblown,” watercolor by Linda Norton.


“Birds Becoming Clouds,” digital enhancement of watercolor by Vince Iannacchione. “While in Rome last summer, we came across a fascinating statue by Arturo Martini. Although I was unable to find the title of the work, I speculated that the figure might be St. Francis. The problem was I couldn’t determine why he was reaching up to the sky. The answer became clear when Marian told us about Draw-a-Bird Day.

I haven’t gone to the Hill Center exhibit to see this show, which includes a total of 37 artists. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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