Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Working in the studio. It’s what we do.

Here are a few pictures from some recent Wednesdays in the studio.

The three photos below, from different days, show how Linda Andreatta has been approaching this landscape in pastels.

Here is a long view of artists at work in the studio.


From front to back: Eileen Leahy, Vince Iannacchione, Linda Andreatta, Anne Shields (at easel), and Lynne Mallonee Schlimm.


Martha Pope working in pastels.


Anne Shields working on a pastel of crocuses in her garden.

These two photos from two different weeks in the studio show how much Eileen Leahy has progressed on her self-portrait.



Pat Stocks finalizing her pastel of a white rooster.

Below, the photo on the left shows me painting a market in San Francisco’s Chinatown. The photo on the right shows a later version of the watercolor, still in progress.

Marian Wiseman




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