Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Unusual Birds This Month

Among the May 8 flock of birds for Draw-a-Bird Day, we have an extinct bird. A human bird. A sculpted bird. A rubber duck. And a fluffy bird that looks to me a lot like the Cookie Monster.

Most important, we have some pretty talented artists drawing (and sculpting) birds! Take a look.

Fran Tomllinson Dodo Bird--carbon pencil

“Dodo Bird” by Fran Tomlinson. Carbon pencil.

Vince Iannacchione Lady Bird

“Lady Bird” by Vince Iannacchione. Colored pencil.

Tom eichenberger acrylic pipid acrylic and steel

“Red-Breasted Blackbird” by Tom Eichenberger. Acrylic and steel.

Linda Andreatta Duckie ipad

“Duckie” by Linda Andreatta. iPad.

Tara Hamilton Blue (Fluffy) Bird of Paradise--iPad

“Blue (Fluffy) Bird of Paradise” by Tara Hamilton. iPad.

Richard Slayton Bird pencil

“Bird” by Richard Slayton. Pencil.

Vera Armstrong age 6 cardinal

“Cardinal’ by Vera Armstrong, age 6.

Linda Norton Rose breasted grosbeak colored pencil

“Rose-Breasted Grosbeak” by Linda Norton. Colored pencil.

Anne Shields Cardinal at My Window watercolor and ink

“Cardinal at My Window” by Anne Shields. Watercolor and ink.

Jackson's Widowbird

“Jackson’s Widowbird’ by Marian Wiseman. Pencil.

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