Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Draw-a-Bird Day, June 2017

Another great flock of birds this month.

Tara Hamilton Hill Sparrow watercolor

Hill Sparrow by Tara Hamilton. Watercolor.

Anne Shields Robins Revenge Pastel

Robin’s Revenge by Anne Shields. Pastel.

Linda Norton Bird Feeder birds--colored pencil

Birds at the Feeder by Linda Norton. Colored pencil.

Eileen Leahy Bird terra cotta with paint and wax

Untitled by Eileen Leahy. Terra cotta with paint and wax.

Lynne Schlimm Prothonotary Warbler

Baltimore Oriole and Prothonotary Warbler by Lynne Mallonee Schlimm. Colored pencil and ink.

Vera Armstrong age 6 dark blue bird

Bluejay by Vera Armstrong, age 6. Crayon.


Startled by Tom Eichenberger. Pencil.

Marian Wiseman West Virginia Cardinal crayon and colored pencil

West Virginia Cardinal by Marian Wiseman. Crayon and colored pencil.



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