Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Kay Elsasser works from Italy are in Glen Echo show

I learned so many things today! Here are some of them:

  1. Wednesday Studio watercolorist Kay Elsasser went to Italy for a week this year as part of a trip led by artist Walt Bartman.
  2. Some of Kay’s paintings from Italy are in a show at Glen Echo Park in Maryland. (Scroll down to see three of these paintings.)
  3. Glen Echo has three art galleries of its own; it also has several resident artists who have their own galleries there. The Yellow Barn Studio, where Kay’s art is exhibited, is one of those galleries.
  4. Kay’s two trips to Cuba in previous years were also art trips led by Bartman. (“They were fabulous,” Kay reports.)
  5. The Glen Echo exhibit of Kay’s work, along with art from other Bartman students, is only two days! Yesterday and today. So, bummer!

Here are photos of some of Kay’s work:

Kay Elsasser Horror, Santa Maria di Castellabate

Harbor, Santa Maria di Castellabate. Watercolor by Kay Elsasser.

Kay Elsasser Bell tower Castellabate, Italy

Bell Tower, Castellabate, Italy. Watercolor by Kay Elsasser.

Kay Elsasser, Dusk, Torchoria

Dusk, Torchiara. Watercolor by Kay Elsasser.



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