Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

The March of the Chickens and Roosters

We did it! We worked hard, we played hard, and now we are the Artists in Residence at Iona in NW Washington. Our work (over 100 pieces) will be there until November 15. You’ll hear more about the gallery in future blog posts.

We had a crazy idea to paint hens and roosters to be shown along with our other art. We each did one bird, and if you don’t think they are just the bomb, then you should just go crack corn. Or something. Here they all are.

Linda Norton You Lookin' at Me?

Linda Norton: You Lookin’ at Me? Watercolor.

Wan Lee Evensong

Wan Ho Lee: Evensong. Watercolor.

Linda Andreatta Free Range Pastel

Linda Andreatta: Free Range. Pastel.

Kay Elsasser (1)

Kay Elsasser: Strut Your Stuff. Watercolor.

Vince Iannacchione The Brigadier v2

Vince Iannacchione: The Brigadier. Pastel.


Martha Pope: Huh?

Martha Pope: Huh? Pastel.

Pat Stocks: White Rooster

Pat Stocks: White Rooster. Pastel.

Tara Hamilton Chicken Strut iPad

Tara Hamilton: Chicken Strut. iPad.


Lynne Mallonee Schlimm: Ellen’s Rooster. Watercolor.


Eileen Leahy: Fall Chicken. Pastel.

Anne Shields Every Girl Deserves a Pedicure

Anne Shields: Every Girl Deserves a Pedicure. Pastel.

Ellen Cornett Domestic Chickens

Ellen Cornett: Domestic Chickens. Pastel.

Fran Tomlinson Eye of the Chicken

Fran Tomlinson: Eye of the Chicken. Pastel.

2016 Texas Rooster

Marian Wiseman: Texas Rooster. Watercolor.


Cluck cluck,
Marian Wiseman, watercolorist


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