Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Seven birds fly in for April DAB-Day

Ellen Cornett Red Rooster Watercolor

Ellen Cornett: Red Rooster. Watercolor.

Anne Shields Robin pastel

Anne Shields: American Robin. Pastel.

Fran Tomlinson Johnny Rook carbon pencil

Fran Tomlinson: Johnny Rook, Falkland Islands. Carbon pencil.

Linda Norton American goldfinch watercolor

Linda Norton: American Goldfinch. Watercolor.

Eastern Towhee, female

Marian Wiseman: Eastern Towhee, female. Watercolor.

Tom Eichenberger Zombie Bird Styrofoam paint wire, crab claw

Tom Eichenberger: Zombie Bird. Styrofoam, wire, paint, crab claw (beak).

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