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Wan Lee used watercolor pouring technique to create beautiful painting

Recently Wednesday Studio member Wan Lee used a technique called watercolor pouring in creating a painting. He told me that Gina Clapp, our original watercolor teacher, taught the class to do pouring (this was before I was part of the Wednesday Studio).

“It’s an option for painting the background of the painting,” Wan said.” It helps to loosen up the painting and create a livelier, more transparent background. Sometimes you end up with some surprising result.”

1 Wan Lee rocks photo

This is the original photograph that Wan used to draw the sketch that he would paint.

6 Wan Lee masked painting

This shows the painting after Wan poured blue, green, red, and orange paint on it. The white areas are where he covered the stones in his drawing with masking fluid, so that he could paint the stones individually later. 


5 Wan lee 2nd pass

This is after Wan poured on additional paint. Some of the paint adhered to the masking fluid, but later he could peel that dried paint and masking fluid off. (Masking fluid has a texture a little like rubber cement, so it can be rubbed off, leaving the paper without any of the background color on it.)

2 Wan lee pour

Wan tilted the painting so the paint would flow into different areas.  

3 Wan Lee after poor 3

Some of the paint was very thick and didn’t spread a lot, so Wan used his finger to spread and combine the colors in ways he wanted.

Here is the final painting, after Wan worked his wonders with the stones and the water:

7 Wan Lee final

Wan Lee: Mouth of the Mississippi. Watercolor.

So, there you have it. Another amazing Wan Hoi Lee work.

Marian Wiseman


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2 comments on “Wan Lee used watercolor pouring technique to create beautiful painting

  1. Hattie Babbitt
    May 23, 2018

    This is AMAZING! Thanks.




  2. wanhoilee
    May 24, 2018

    Simple n nice article, thanks Marian. 

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