Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Semiannual CHAW exhibit has works from all Wednesday Studio members

Art from the Wednesday Studio will be on display starting this Friday, December 7, in the Adult Student Show at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop gallery.

Here’s what the exhibit will have from Wednesday Studio members:

Vince Iannacchione: Fluid Mechanics v4. Mixed media.

Tara Hamilton: Botanical Beauties. Watercolor.

Lynne Mallonee Schlimm: Hare. Mixed media.

Eileen Leahy Root Vegetables

Eileen Leahy. Root Vegetables. Pastel.

Linda Norton: Alaska Thaw. Watercolor.

Anne Shields: Sittin’ in the River. Pastel.

NancyArbuthnot Tools of the Trade

Nancy Arbuthnot: Tools of the Trade. Watercolor.

Martha Pope Trail to Slot Canyon

Martha Pope: Trail to Slot Canyon. Pastel.

Carol Rondthaler TIDE POOL mixed media

Carol Rondthaler. Tide Pool. Mixed media.

Wan Lee Venetian Sunset

Wan Lee: Venetian Sunset. Watercolor.

Linda Andreatta Lake at Daybreak

Linda Andreatta: Canadian Reflections. Pastel.

Fran Tomlinson Sightseeing at Pictured Rocks

Fran Tomlinson: Sightseeing at Pictured Rocks. Pastel.

Kay Elsasser Stormy Weather, Sperryville

Kay Elsasser: Stormy Weather, Sperryville. Watercolor.

Pat Stocks

Pat Stocks: Signs and Wonders. Pastel.

Marian Wiseman: Windmill on the River Gein, Holland. Watercolor.

If you get a chance, join us at the opening reception of the student show on Saturday, December 8, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. The CHAW gallery is at 545 7th Street SE, in Washington

You will get to see lots of beautiful art created by CHAW adult students–not just that of the Wednesday Studio. John Paradiso, Artist-Curator at Portico Gallery and Studios in Brentwood, Maryland, will judge the works, and at 6 pm he will announce awards.

Marian Wiseman

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