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‘Hill Rag’ features Ellen Cornett art on cover

The monthly Hill Rag is one of the icons of the Capitol Hill community—like Eastern Market, Union Station, the Hill Center, and Frager’s. So when the July 2019 issue showed up, imagine our delight to see the cover graced by art we recognized immediately as that of Wednesday Studio member Ellen Cornett:

Hill Rag July 2019 cover: Voyagers by Ellen Cornett. Carbon pencil.

Ellen says that she loves drawing elephants: “The folds and wrinkles are a challenge, and it’s fun to try to render them.” Commenting on this specific drawing, she says she is always amused by the idea of heavy creatures on or suspended by balloons. “I think the raven was just along for the ride.”

The Hill Rag features original art on the cover of each of its monthly issues. In this case, the editors came to Ellen, not the other way around—they saw her elephant-cum-raven drawing somewhere (Instagram? Facebook?) and asked if they could put that drawing on the cover of the annual pet photo contest issue. (Ellen denies having an elephant for a pet . . . . )

Congratulation, Ellen!

Marian Wiseman

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