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Ellen Cornett has one-woman show on view now

Ellen’s new exhibit, “Into the Woods” has 37 of her drawings on display. The Black Rock Gallery, which is hosting the online show, correctly calls Ellen’s work “meticulously detailed drawings.” I would add, lovingly, that they are meticulously detailed bizarre drawings. The bizarre part is intended, of course, in keeping with the definition of the word, “very strange or unusual, especially so as to cause interest or amusement.”

Ellen often uses fairy tales or well-known concepts and “manipulates familiar characters into mysterious vignettes exploring conflict, misunderstanding, absurdity and relationships gone awry.” Thus, instead of the quick brown fox jumping over the lazy dog, we have the lazy dog–er, quick brown dog, jumping over the fox.

I love Ellen’s work. It makes you see things in new ways, makes you laugh, brings you to an outside-the-box view of the world. I have chosen five of my favorites to include in this blog, but you should click on this link to see all of them: Into the Woods. The show ends October 31.

Ellen Cornett: The Quick Brown Dog, Carbon pencil.
Ellen Cornett: Three Blind Mice. Carbon pencil.
Ellen Cornett: The Flying Lesson. Carbon pencil. [This is Ellen, who often uses herself as a model.]
Ellen Cornett: Knitting Project. Carbon pencil. [I love love love this idea.]
Ellen Cornett: In Black and White. Carbon pencil. [I got to thinking about what other B&W animals might have been included, and the first one that came to mind was tuxedo cats. Do another one, please, Ellen, with magpies and Holstein cows. and tuxedo cats.]

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One comment on “Ellen Cornett has one-woman show on view now

  1. Susan H
    September 22, 2020

    Good job!

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