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Karen Van Allen the newest member of the Wednesday Studio

We’re all very pleased that DC artist Karen Van Allen has joined the Wednesday Studio.

Karen works mostly in acrylic, and much of her work is abstract. Below are a few examples, of her work, and you can find more on her website: The “Gallery” link on her website has a drop-down menu that shows her work by type–landscapes, figures, etc.

Here are some examples of Karen’s work:

Karen Van Allen: Library Girl. Acrylic and collage on paper.
Karen Van Allen. Cathedral Series II. Acrylic on canvas. [This painting and the next one are from Karen’s “Cathedral Series,” which was inspired by her 2014 visit to the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.]
Karen Van Allen: Cathedral IV. Acrylic.
Karen Van Allen: Rio. Acrylic on canvas.
Karen Van Allen: Homage to Arthur Dove II. Acrylic on canvas.
Karen Van Allen: Kimono Series II. Collage, acrylic on paper.
Karen Van Allen: Hawaiian Night. Acrylic on canvas.n

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