Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

November Draw-a-Bird Day garners awesome art

Here are the birds submitted for this month’s DAB-Day:

Anne Shields: Mallard. Pastel.
Karen Van Allen: Homage to Brancusi. Pastel.
Karen Van Allen: Dear Heron. Pastel on paper.
Tara Hamilton: Hairy Woodpecker. iPad art.
Vince Iannacchione: Cave Hill Dove v1. Graphite. [Cave Hill Cemetery is a historic cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky.]
Tamora Ilasat: Warbler 1. Watercolor and pastel on vellum.
Tamora Ilasat: Warbler 2. Watercolor and pastel on paper,
Linda Norton: Himalayan Monal. Watercolor.
Nancy Arbuthnot: Raven Cawing. Watercolor.
Tom Eichenberger: Clapper Rail. Antique spoon, wire, soda cans, paint.
Pat Evans: Catbird. Pastel
Marian Wiseman: White-Capped Lapwing 1 (South Africa). Watercolor.
Marian Wiseman: White-Capped Lapwing 2 (South Africa). Watercolor.

Marian Wiseman

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One comment on “November Draw-a-Bird Day garners awesome art

  1. Pat Evans
    November 22, 2020

    That clapper rail is so clever!


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