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Draw-a-Bird Day closes 2020 with fabulous bird art

December DAB-Day is, of course, the last one of this year. Here are 13 great birds that flew in for the occasion.

Carolyn Rondthaler: Rocky. Watercolor. [This is the Northern Saw-whet owl found clinging to branches of the 75-foot Norway spruce being set up for Christmas at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. Initially thought to be male, she was dubbed “Rockefeller,” which soon became “Rocky.” The 7-inch owl had survived the three-day trip from upstate New York. After a week of rehydration and feeding at a wildlife refuge, she was successfully released into a forest.]
Karen Van Allen: White Crow. Graphite and charcoal on paper.
Linda Norton: Black-Throated Bushtit. Soft pastel on black watercolor paper.
Lynne Mallonee Schlimm: DAB December 2010. Pencil.
Vince Iannacchione: Uplift. Charcoal.
Eileen Leahy: Marsh Wren. Pen and ink.
Tara Hamilton: Wild Parakeet in a Persimmon Tree in France. Water-based markers.
Anne Shields: Cockatoo. Pastel.
Nancy Arbuthnot: Osprey. Watercolor and ink collage.
Vera A (age 9): Robin with Nest and Eggs. Foam on paper.
Christian Hahn: Superküken [Super Hero Chick]. Pencil and markers.
Tom Eichenberger: Equatorial Grey Parrots. Computer-modified photograph.
Marian Wiseman: Southern Tchagra (South Africa). Watercolor.

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One comment on “Draw-a-Bird Day closes 2020 with fabulous bird art

  1. erjolley
    December 11, 2020

    I adore this post, because birds, birds, birds! Your little Rocky owl is darling–that story had us all laughing and thankful at once 🙂


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