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Wednesday Studio member wins art league January challenge

Congratulations to Karen Van Allen, who won the Capitol Hill Art League’s monthly challenge.

The art league’s theme for January was “Winter,” and eight Wednesday Studio members were among the 33 artists who submitted works representing winter. The monthly challenge is not primarily a competition, it’s just a friendly way for artists to see each other’s work and stay in touch, especially during this difficult pandemic time.

That said, a few month’s ago, the Hill Center in DC offered a prize for the work considered the best knife rendition (that monthly theme was “Knives Out.”) This competition evolved to the current mode–a member of the art league chooses the winner each month (no prize, just bragging rights), and the winner then becomes the judge for the next month’s theme.

See how much fun we can have during a pandemic?

We were all pleased to learn that Karen won the January challenge. Last month’s winner, Mike McSorley, who was the judge, said this about Karen’s work: “This piece got me with the variety of values and the mystery surrounding it.”

Karen had submitted two works to the “Winter” challenge, and it is this first one, Winter in a Cigar Box, that won. Her other submission and the submissions from other Wednesday Studio members are also below.

Karen Van Allen: Winter in a Cigar Box. Acrylic paint, markers, collage, and cut paper in a cigar box.
Karen Van Allen: Winter Abstracted. Acrylic paint, markers, and cut paper in a cigar box.
Tara Hamilton: Snow Is No Fun. Watercolor. [Tara painted this from a photograph of her granddaughter’s outing during DC’s 2010 “Snowmaggedon.”
Tara Hamilton: Snow Day. Watercolor. [A happier snow outing.]
Carolyn Rondthaler: Nurse Snowperson. Watercolor.
Carolyn Rondthaler: Feet before the Fire. Watercolor.
Tamora Ilasat: Ravens, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Photography.
Tamora Ilasat: Here’s Looking at You. Photography.
Tamora Ilasat: Animal Tracks on a Cold Winter Thursday in Jackson Hole, Wyoming Last Winter. Photography.
Anne Shields: Snow Buddies. Pastel. [These are Anne’s grandchildren, several years ago. She says that today they would tower over the snowman.]
Nancy Arbuthnot: Winter Garden. Charcoal, wax crayon, watercolor, and ink.
Nancy Arbuthnot: Winter Reflections, Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. Photography.
Marian Wiseman. Practicing Painting Snow. Watercolor.

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  1. Cissy
    February 4, 2021

    They are all fabulous


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