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Capitol Hill Art League themes for May and June include art from Wednesday Studio

Several Wednesday Studio members submitted art for the monthly challenges of the Capitol Hill Art League. May’s theme was “Birds and Bugs” and June’s was “Beach.”

Also, Carolyn Rondthaler received Honorable Mention for her beach submission Tidepool (below). Please note that in this blog post, I include only the art submitted by Wednesday Studio members. Many CHAL members submit art, and it is all truly beautiful. There were 38 submissions for the “Beach” challenge during June, for example. All of the submissions can be found on the CHAL FaceBook page by clicking here.

For the “Birds and Bugs” challenge, don’t ask me why me ALL of the Wednesday Studio folks didn’t submit bird art in May, since we all have birds in our archives and each of art league member can submit two pieces each month. Even I forgot to submit a bird to the CHAL “Birds and Bugs” challenge. Sigh.

Here’s what others did:

Birds and Bugs (May challenge)

Nancy Arbuthnot: Caddisflies, Caddisfly. Watercolor.
Karen Van Allen: Birds and Bugs. Folding screen with collage, stone rubbings, and acrylic.
Carolyn Rondthaler: Parakeet with Mask. Watercolor.
Carolyn Rondthaler: House Finch. Watercolor.

Beach (June challenge)

Carolyn Rondthaler: Tidepool. Watercolor. This painting received honorable mention for June.
Carolyn Rondthaler: Tillamook Head from Gearhart Beach. Watercolor.
Tara Hamilton: Key Sunset. Watercolor.
Tara Hamilton: Beach Grass 2. Watercolor.
Karen Van Allen: The Beach House.
Karen Van Allen: A Wishing Stone–Beach Find. Graphite.
Marian Wiseman: Beach with Palm. Watercolor.

Marian Wiseman

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2 comments on “Capitol Hill Art League themes for May and June include art from Wednesday Studio

  1. Judith Davis
    July 5, 2021

    Can former members of the Wednesday morning class submit paintings? If so, what is July’s theme. Thanks, Judith Davis

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    • wisemarian
      July 5, 2021

      Hi Judith. these monthly challenges are a project of the Capitol Hill Art League, not the Wednesday Studio. So, you have to be a CHAL member to submit. We just do the monthly DAB-Day thing. Sorry. (Maybe you can join CHAL? not sure of its membership requirements. )


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