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Lynne Mallonnee Schlimm, the featured artist in art league’s “Mind of the Artist” blog

Every month the Capitol Hill Art League publishes a blog post about one of its members. In June, our own Lynne was featured. I’ve copied the post (with permission) below.

The Mind of the Artist blog has been running for several years and has fascinating insights into artists. I encourage you to check it out at this link: Mind of the Artist. And below is the post about Lynne.

This month we’re featuring Lynne Mallonee Schlimm for the Capitol Hill Art League’s Mind of the Artist feature.

Yellow Ball

The need to create art wasn’t anything I acknowledged until I was an adult, although I’ve always had a vivid imagination and enjoyed bringing some of my ideas to life in drawings as a kid. Watercolor is my favorite medium, followed closely by pencil and ink. Recently I tried encaustic monoprints and encaustic painting, which were fun, and I do like the idea of branching out into acrylics and oils. But something keeps me returning to my favorite fickle watercolor!

British Hare

My style is very realistic. What I choose to paint and draw is completely based on how something makes me feel and how much I want to be challenged. Botanicals are a go-to subject; I love exaggerating the whimsy of petals and leaves. And I love drawing and painting animals. Almost each month I contribute to the “Draw A Bird” challenge we follow in The Wednesday Studio.

Ellen’s Rooster

I published a children’s book with original watercolor illustrations, Beets, Baths and Ballet, with writing help from my friend Anne Shields, featuring pigs, goats, sheep and dogs in tutus; I think there might be another book in me.

Library of Congress Fountain

I’m part of a group called The Wednesday Studio, in which my fellow students motivate, encourage and amuse me. And I participate in the Rehoboth Art League.


What a great glimpse into Lynne’s art life!

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One comment on “Lynne Mallonnee Schlimm, the featured artist in art league’s “Mind of the Artist” blog

  1. Vince Iannacchione
    June 20, 2022

    Your rendition of the LOC Fountain is very well done. Thanks Lynne!


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