Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Happy New Year with great birds!

Here are the wonderful birds submitted by artists for January 2023 Draw-a-Bird Day.

As a reminder, DAB-Day is the time when those outside the Wednesday Studio are invited, nay, encouraged, to send in their rendering of a bird. Take a photo of your bird and send it to The next DAB-Day is February 8, the I will publish the blog post on February 9.

Carolyn Rondthaler: Great Blue Heron. Watercolor.
Tom Eichenberger: Baby Screech Owl. Colored pencil.
Jim Eichenberger: American Oystercatcher. Watercolor and tempera, with pencil and pen.
Susan Eichenberger Hazelwood: Four Birds. Yarn.
Lou Kaufman: Hawk with Snake. Photography. [Red-shouldered hawk at Huntley Meadows. Photo (c) 2022 Lou Kaufman]
Anne Shields: Shining Honeycreeper. Pastel.
Tara Hamilton: White-Throated Sparrow. Watercolor.
Susan Burdick: Pas de Deux/Turtle Doves. Digital mixed media.
Judith Davis: Frog Pond with Hummingbird. Watercolor.
Marian Wiseman: American Robin. Watercolor. [State bird of Connecticut, Michigan, and Wisconsin.]

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One comment on “Happy New Year with great birds!

  1. Jim Eichenberger
    January 10, 2023

    Everybody’s doing such great work, and there is such great diversity in approach. The only thing that ties them together is the birds. A real pleasure to see.


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