Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

CHAW Student Art Show will include Wednesday Studio work

CHAW’s winter Adult Student Show opens Saturday, December 12. If you are able to  stop by, you will see some great work from the Wednesday Studio and also from other CHAW students—in life drawing, ceramics, oil painting, and photography.

The first Adult Student Show, organized by Gina Clapp, was held in June sometime in the late 1990s. It was an elegant “push-up bra and pantyhose affair” which drew big crowds to the gallery. In 2009 a December Adult Student Show was inaugurated to showcase work of students from the fall classes. These shows are a wonderful opportunity for first-time visual arts students (as well as more seasoned and experienced artists) to exhibit their work and receive well-deserved accolades for their hard work.

The festivities have expanded to include the work of all students of all ages in all disciplines in December and June, with all-day performance festivals.  Come early, and stay late to catch all the activities.

The wine comes out at 5:00 at the opening reception for the Adult Student Show.

Ellen Cornet
CHAW Teaching Artist


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