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Draw-a-Bird Day for November 2016

While the country might think of November 8, 2016, as an important day, what with electing a new president and all, as we neared the election we in the Wednesday Studio, and other bird-drawing folks, tried to calm our election-day jitters by drawing birds. And they are wonderful birds.

Remember: the 8th of every month is Draw-a-Bird Day, and you, too, can contribute. Take a photo of your drawing and send it by midnight, December 8, to Your bird will be on this blog along with those created by Wednesday Studio members.

Here are the great birds for November’s DAB-Day:


Linda Andreatta: Pastel pencils


Pat Stocks: Watercolor


Linda Norton: Watercolor


Anne Shields: Watercolor pencils


Eileen Leahy: Graphite


Martha Pope: Pastel


Fran Tomlinson: Carbon pencil


Tom Eichenberger: Corel graphics


Tara Hamilton: iPad

2016 Parrot in colored pencils

Marian Wiseman: Colored Pencils

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One comment on “Draw-a-Bird Day for November 2016

  1. Fran Tomlinson
    November 9, 2016

    We love these. Brought a smile to our faces on this otherwise miserable day. Thanks for encouraging us to do this.


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