Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Ten works by Ellen Cornett featured in new Hill Center show

This week a really interesting show is opening at the Hill Center Galleries in Washington, DC.  It features 12 artists who have been profiled in the Hill Rag—twice each. Ellen is one of those 12.

In doing a second column on each of the artists, Jim Magner says, “I was looking for contrasts—for the creative journeys that bring new directions and new perceptions.”

Jim Magner’s column “Art and the City” has been running in the Hill Rag for 15 years. Last year he focused the column every month on an artist he had previously profiled. (Click on “Ellen Cornett featured in Hill Rag” to read about his 2016 article about Ellen.)

Here are five of Ellen’s ten drawings that are in the March 2 – April 30 show:


Teasing the Crocodile. Carbon pencil by Ellen Cornett.

OK, I just have to make a comment about this. The croc could obviously smush the bird. And possibly get the mouse in the same action (you’ve seen Wild Kingdom, right?). So is the weight of the elephant keeping the croc from doing this? And while I’m on the topic, the elephant is obviously not drawn to scale. And Ellen obviously knows all this. Conclusion? She is just  messing with us. This is why I am a blogger and not an art critic. And also why I love Ellen’s art.


The Elephant in the Room. Carbon pencil by Ellen Cornett.


Ringing in My Ears. Carbon pencil by Ellen Cornett.


Ganesha. Carbon pencil by Ellen Cornett.


Black Umbrella. Carbon pencil by Ellen Cornett.

This flyer for the show makes me eager to see the work of the other 11 artists, too:


In his notes about his 2016 articles revisiting the work of the 12 artists, Jim Magner says, “What I found was dedication—a fervid reaching for excellence and evolving insights that let them soar higher, while ever testing and questioning the meaning of it all.”

Well put, that. And what Jim said certainly applies to our Ellen.

The Hill Center will host an opening reception for the show on Wednesday, March 8, 6-8 pm. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Marian Wiseman


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