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Ellen Cornett featured in Hill Rag

ellen-in-hill-ragIt’s always fun to come across a friend in print. That’s what happened when I found our Ellen in the October issue of the Hill Rag.

In speaking of her drawings of “puppies and possums, bunnies and bears,” author Jim Magner says, “Ellen has reached such a superior skill level that her playful personifications are born whole from the point of the pencil. That mastery has made her fearless in entering the unknown and pursuing the what if.”

Here are a couple of Ellen’s recent works:


This is what the author Jim Magner was referring to when he said “bunnies and bears.” The real title: “Lapful of Bunnies.”


Ellen calls this “Awkward Moment on the Ark.” I’m sure she could have fit in a few more animals if she really wanted to.

If you live in Washington, DC, you should pick up a copy of the October Hill Rag and check out the wonderful article about Ellen and her art.

It’s also available online. Click on this link and then turn to page 48.

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