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Wednesday Studio gallery show nears opening

Last week we delivered about 100 pieces of art to Iona Senior Services in northwest DC. We have been looking forward to and working on this event for nearly three years.

Iona, a wonderful community center dedicated to senior programs, has a guest artist program that showcases about three artists a year to be the “artist in residence.” Well, guess what. The Wednesday Studio is the upcoming “artist in residence.”

Here is the promotional postcard for the show:


If you look at the postcard closely, you will notice that all 14 images are roosters and chickens. Just to be clear, the 100+ pieces in the Iona gallery are not all poultry.

A couple of us happened to be painting roosters in the studio a year or more ago, and someone said, “We should all do roosters for the Iona show!” Laughter all  around. What a great joke. Until it wasn’t. I wish I could say that we planned it to coincide with 2017 being the Year of the Rooster, but we’re not that organized.

Last Thursday morning we all dutifully showed up with trunkfuls of art, and Patricia Dubroof, who runs the arts programs at Iona, checked in every piece, making sure she had correct titles, media, sale price, and so forth. She was a marvel.

Once that was done, we all took off for an early lunch at a nearby restaurant. Less than two hours later we went back to Iona to pick up our cars from the garage. Imagine our surprise to find that Patricia had already hung dozens of pieces! What fun to see our work on the wall or temporarily in display cases while some Iona renovation work is completed. Like I said, Patricia is a marvel.

Below are some photos we snapped last week. Future blog posts will include some of the art in the show and details of some workshops we will present.

Linda A

Linda Andreatta


Kay Elsasser

If you live in the DC area, I hope you’ll get a chance before November 15 to stop by and see the show. The Meet the Artists reception is Friday, October 13, at 4125 Albemarle Street NW.

Marian Wiseman



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