Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Seven illustrated books available at Iona show; Meet the Artists reception is October 13

As noted previously, the Wednesday Studio artists are featured as a group in the current show on display in the galleries at Iona Senior Services, 4125 Albemarle Street (Tenley Town Metro) in NW Washington.

In addition to more than 100 watercolor and pastel paintings, seven books written and illustrated by Wednesday Studio artists are on display and available for purchase.

Linda Norton has two books. One is Hiram Blake Camp, a 38-page pocket-sized book of drawings and paintings like these, depicting the family-style resort on the coast of Maine:



Linda Norton Capitol Hillcover_2



Linda’s second book, Capitol Hill is Home,  is a 40-page book of drawings and paintings that highlight the neighborhood and community aspects of Capitol Hill.




Anne Shields wrote and illustrated two children’s books. Shoo features an annoying crow named Shoo who turns his worst trait into his biggest asset to help the zookeeper find his shoe (get it?).




Anne’s other children’s book, also illustrated in watercolor, is Missing Pumpkin, a story of a boy and his missing orange cat, Pumpkin, who has gone AWOL.



Ellen Cornett  has two books in the Iona show. One comprises exquisite drawings that illustrate the traditional lullaby Hush Little Baby. You probably know the song, which starts “Hush little baby, don’t say a word, Daddy’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.” At least that’s the way I learned it. Ellen found lots of versions of the lyrics and played with them as she wanted. For instance, “Mama’s gonna buy you a horse and cart” because Mama’s gonna buy you a meadow lark” because she liked the way the bird looked in her early sketches.

Here are a few of her drawings from that book. Of note, the worse-for-wear doll is Ellen’s childhood companion, named Marylou.



Ellen Cornett Cutest Little Baby

In Ellen’s second book, Once Upon a Time, she has taken an unusual approach: She has provided the art, and the child gets to write the story! Each page has a drawing at the top and lines for writing in the bottom half. Here are some of the pictures. And I’m totally ready to write a story to go with them.



So, I’ve described six of the seven books at Iona. The seventh book, Beets, Baths and Ballet, is premiering there–a children’s book conceived and illustrated by Lynne Mallonee Schlimm, with text by Anne Shields.

Because it is brand new, another blog post will cover it.

You can stop by Iona any day from 9:00 to 5:00 and see the books as well as the 100+ paintings. No appointment is needed. The show will be there through  November 15.

Next Friday, October 13, is “Meet the Artists” night, from 5 :00 to 7:00. We will all be there then. There will be live music and refreshments. The reception that evening is free, but you need to RSVP to 202-895-9407.

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