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Tara Hamilton’s tulip painting is an exercise in contemplation and mindfulness

Editor’s note: In this post, Tara shares how she went about creating her watercolor of tulips after seeing a mass of tulips in a photograph. Her painting is currently part of the show “Summer Work” at the CHAW Gallery, 545 7th Street, SE, Washington, DC. 

Tara Hamilton: A Gathering of Tulips

Tara orig photo

This photo of a profusion of pink tulips in a field caught my eye and my imagination. Could I capture that mass of beauty in watercolor? Would the repetition of both shape and color be tedious and boring? Or could it be an exercise in planning, patience, and even a little contemplation bordering on a paintbrush mantra. If anything, it would be an exercise in mindfulness and slowing down. A good thing to do these days.


Tara Hamilton 1

After drawing the picture I started by painting the leaves to distinguish the tulips.


Tara Hamilton 3

I added more details to the leaves before painting the tulips themselves.


Tara Hamilton 4

When I added the pink of the tulips, the green tones changed a bit. So, in the final version, below, I added some blue to give a contrast between the pink and the green.


Tara Hamilton A Gathering of Tulips

Tara Hamilton: A Gathering of Tulips. Watercolor.

Tara’s profile is available here: Tara Hamilton
To see some more of her work, click here: Tara Hamilton’s Gallery

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