Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Pat Stocks creates peachy pastel

Editor’s note: In this post, Pat describes her approach to art. Her pastel Peachy Keen is currently part of the show “Summer Work” at the CHAW Gallery, 545 7th Street, SE, Washington, DC. 

Pat Stocks: Peachy Keen

My goal is to energetically communicate my thoughts and share my experience with others. The creative experience for me is to be drawn to a subject for
manifestation as an art object by having a special idea, vision or passion.

Next is the choice of medium to best express my ideas. Right now I’m
exploring the possibilities of pastels. I also use graphite, oil paint, and watercolors as means of expression.

I am drawn to natural subjects such as landscapes, fruit, and flowers. I am also a student of the Zen practice of Ikebana or Japanese flower arranging.

Ikebana is a system of aesthetics, philosophy, and practice, with a focus on
personal development as well as artistic achievement. The goal of Ikebana is not just the creation of beautiful arrangements—the journey is as important as the results.


Here is the original photo that I used to create a pastel painting,


This is my final work, which I chose to call Peachy Keen.

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