Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Ellen Cornett’s owl has a journey to CHAW

For DC’s Barrack’s Row Festival in September, Ellen Cornett provided her drawing Owl’s Journey to the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop for its booth at the festival. CHAW artist and instructor Sarah Porter enlarged Ellen’s drawing to mount on wood.

Here are Ellen’s original drawing and the larger-than-life version in which children (and others!) could pose for photos:


Ellen’s carbon pencil drawing, on the left, is 14″ x 17″, while the stand-up version is over three feet. And yes, that is Ellen herself peeking through.

After the festival CHAW put the stand-up version on display in its gallery and invited visitors to name the rabbit and have their picture taken. I so regret I didn’t get a chance to submit my suggestion for the rabbit’s name, Rabbity McRabbitFace, which I consider very original and cute and I’m sure the judges would have chosen it. But, alas, the name Mr. Soom Soom, submitted by Theo Bursic, was the winner. Congratulations, Theo!

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