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Linda Norton’s works in multiple shows

Linda Norton is having a busy and rewarding time with her art this fall. She has works on display in three different galleries.

Her pastel Low Tide, Penobscot Bay is currently on display in the Capitol Hill Art League’s  “Artist’s Choice” exhibit in the CHAW Gallery. It focuses on the rocks below the cabin that Linda and her husband have in Maine. Linda says that the extreme tides completely cover the rocks at high tide but leave them and the vegetation that covers them exposed when the tide is low.

Linda Norton Low Tide, Penobscot Bay

Linda Norton: Low Tide, Penobscot Bay. Pastel.

In Harrisonburg, Virginia, until mid-December the Smith House Gallery is exhibiting pastels by Linda that depict local scenes in that rural area. The gallery is the exhibit space of the Arts Council of the Valley, to which Linda belongs. She and her husband have a home near there in Broadway, Virginia, and she also has a studio in Broadway.

These two pastels are on display in Harrisonburg:

Linda Norton: Runion’s Creek. Pastel.

Linda Norton Yellow Field

Linda Norton: Yellow Field. Pastel.

And finally, beginning December 8 Linda is exhibiting at the Touchstone Gallery at 901 New York Avenue, NW, in Washington, DC, as a part of the gallery’s Spotlight Artist Group’s “Inch by Inch” multi-artist show.

This abstract watercolor will be at Touchstone:

Linda Norton Summer Remembered

Linda Norton: Summer Remembered. Watercolor and ink.

Marian Wiseman

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One comment on “Linda Norton’s works in multiple shows

  1. Reni Thomus
    December 6, 2018

    It seems like Linda have a very close relationship with the outside nature and a very keen observation of environment. Her paintings seem to have some real connections with the scene.


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