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Seven Birds Featured in February DAB-Day

Yet again, some great birds. I knew we had seven birds this month, and I almost wrote the title “Seven Wednesday Studio Members Drew Birds . . . .”

But then I remembered that Nancy Arbuthnot sent in two bird drawings, so that made six Wednesday Studio members. And then I remembered that eight-year-old Vera drew birds for this month, so that meant five of us drew birds. And then I remembered that Tom Eichenberger and Sandra Hussey are not actually Wednesday Studio members, even though they contribute birds regularly.

So, as it turns out, we have seven birds, but only three Wednesday Studio members, and I can’t even say “three of us” because I myself didn’t get a chance to draw a bird for DAB-Day.

But all seven birds are great, and I encourage any of you who see this post to send your bird to by midnight on the 8th of the month, for inclusion in that month’s DAB-Day post.

Here are the great February birds:

Nancy Arbuthnot. Dove in Winter. Pastel.

Nancy Arbuthnot: Vulture Tree. Pastel.

Anne Shields: First Robin. Watercolor and ink.

Carolyn Rondthaler. Flamingo. Watercolor.

Sandy Hussey: Heron Fishing at Constitution Gardens. Watercolor.

Vera Armstrong, age 8: Bird Convention. Crayon.

Tom Eichenberger: Great Blue Heron. Soda cans, plastic, wood, rhinestone eyes, acrylic paint.

Have a great February, all you bird lovers.

Marian Wiseman





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