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Exhibit of Ellen Cornett work just opened in DC

Our teacher and fearless leader (she has to be fearless to deal with us . . . ) has, I think, outdone herself this time. The Hill Center in Washington, DC, has just opened an online show of Ellen’s unique versions of well-known stories. Titled “Once upon a Time,” the exhibit features 20 of Ellen’s carbon pencil and charcoal drawings.

As Ellen puts it, “I build unsettling scenes that gain energy from unresolved endings. . . . Absurd possibilities lurk behind everyday moments. People and animals wear masks, discover supernatural powers, and interact in ways that may delight viewers or upend expectations.”

You can say that again. Ellen has created pieces to illustrate her, hmmmm–unsettling scenes–for these stories:

  • The Thing in the Forest
  • Snow White
  • Just So Stories
  • Miscellaneous Stories
  • Large drawings

Click on this link to see all of the works in the exhibit: Once upon a Time. The show is open through April 30, 2021. Below are a few examples.

Ellen Cornett: Penny and Primrose. Carbon pencil and ink.
Ellen Cornett: All Animals Are Created Equal. Carbon pencil.

Ellen Cornett: How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin. Carbon pencil.
Ellen Cornett: The Four Musicians. Carbon pencil
Ellen Cornett: Michabo and the Great Flood. Carbon pencil.

Ellen says, “My art expresses my own unanswered questions about identity, memory, and the stories that profoundly affect our lives.” So thanks, Ellen. Now I, too have unanswered questions. Just when I had things all wrapped up.

Marian Wiseman

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2 comments on “Exhibit of Ellen Cornett work just opened in DC

  1. ennashields
    February 23, 2021

    Great job, Ellen. What an inspiration! >


  2. Fran Tomlinson
    February 24, 2021

    Fabulous, Ellen. You are so good.


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