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Lots of birds fly in for November DAB-Day

What a treat to have so many birds in the November Draw-a-Bird Day flock. Here they are!

Anne Shields: Buff-Bellied Hummingbird. Pastel.
Carolyn Rondthaler: Masked Flower Piercer from Columbia. Watercolor.
Fran Tomlinson: Anna’s Hummingbird. Carbon pencil.
Tom Eichenberger: Olive-Backed Sunbird. Felt-tipped markers.
Lynne Mallonee Schlimm: Kingfisher. Pencil. [After Lynne rendered this bird in pencil, she re-rendered him in color; see below.]
Lynne Mallonee Schlimm: Kingfisher. Watercolor, pencil, and ink.
Nancy Arbuthnot: Barred Owl under Full Moon. Watercolor collage.
Linda Andreatta: Brown Pelican. Pastel. [Linda said she loved this bird’s upward pose while he was probably swallowing a fish.]
Quintis Pinkston: Bee-eater birds mural. [The mural artist, from Wichita, KS, did not submit this himself, but a new DAB-Day contributor made her own bird sketch using this mural (from her back yard), so she sent in this photo along with her drawing (below).]
Susan Burdick: Bee-Eater Graffiti Mural Detail. Colored pencil.
Marian Wiseman: Carolina Wren. Watercolor.

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One comment on “Lots of birds fly in for November DAB-Day

  1. Fran Tomlinson
    November 9, 2021

    Did any fly off the page? They look capable of it.


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