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Capitol Hill newspaper features Martha Pope in arts section

The November issue of the Hill Rag, that monthly must-have newspaper avidly read by Capitol Hill residents and others, features a wonderful article about Wednesday Studio member Martha Pope.

Martha Pope

The author of the article, art critic Jim Magner, notes that Martha “travels the world looking at and photographing landscapes, and then sequesters herself in her studio where she reaches into the heart of a place—adding, subtracting and finding its core.”

We in the Wednesday Studio are familiar with that approach by Martha—finding the core, the heart of the landscapes she paints. Here are three of Martha’s pastels that were published in the Hill Rag:

Martha Pope: Killneck Creek. Pastel on sanded paper.
Martha Pope: Saint Simons Island. Pastel on sanded paper.
Martha Pope: Montana Homestead. Pastel on sanded paper.

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2 comments on “Capitol Hill newspaper features Martha Pope in arts section

  1. Fran Tomlinson
    November 5, 2021

    Nice summary of a lovely article about Martha. The writer also referred to our teacher and mentor, Ellen Cornett, as an “ American Treasure.”


  2. wisemarian
    November 6, 2021

    Yes, that was a momentous article. I didn’t mention the Ellen comment cuz didn’t want to distract from the Martha focus.


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