Watercolor and Pastel Artists at CHAW

Here are the March Draw-a-Bird Day birds

Lynne Mallonnee Schlimm: Blue and Gold Macaw. Watercolor.
Carolyn Rondthaler: Carolina Chickadee. Watercolor.
Pat Stocks: Cardinal. Pencil.
Tara Hamilton: Cape May Warbler. Watercolor.
Tom Eichenberger: Black-Necked Stilt. Markers and colored pencil.
Torsten Jahr: Warbird. This submission is from one of our German blog followers, who writes that in Germany they feel emtionally overwhelmed (as we do, here) with Putin’s cruelty in Ukraine. They are welcoming refugees in Darmstadt, where Torsten lives.
Susan Burdick: Ladybird. Watercolor. (Susan notes that she named this painting in honor of International Women’s Day.)
Jim Eichenberger: Crow. Watercolor, marker, and crayon.
Lillian S., age 9. Scribble Bird. Pencil and Sharpies.
Carolyn G., age 5. Bird.
Judith Davis: Great Egret. Watercolor.
Marian Wiseman: Bird Heads. Colored pencil.
Last month’s birds of the Anacostia River watershed, on display in the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop gallery.

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